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23 aprile 2023
Festival delle Scienze, Teatro Studio Borgna, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome

Listening to the cosmos from underground: this is what the Einstein Telescope, the future underground detector for gravitational waves, will do. It will allow us to discover a universe that is still largely unknown. A pioneering research infrastructure that Italy is a candidate to host in Sardinia, in the area of the disused Sos Enattos mine. For its realisation, ET requires the synergy of many skills and technologies, from physics, to seismology, to high-performance computing: in this way, the Sos Enattos site will be able to transform itself from a disused mine in the heart of Sardinia into a research centre of worldwide value.

organised by GARR, INFN, INGV


Massimo Carboni – Deputy Director and Chief Technical Officer of GARR
Viviana Fafone – INFN Head of the Advanced Virgo detector
Giulio Selvaggi – INGV Research Director
Moderator: Roberta Fulci GJournalist and presenter Radio3 Science