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8-12 may 2023

T Hotel, Cagliari

The Einstein Telescope Scientific Collaboration meets in Cagliari, Italy, for the 13th Symposium, a week of discussion and work on the future developments of the project. After the 12th Einstein Telescope Symposium, held last June in Budapest, Hungary, the ET scientific community formally established the ET Scientific Collaboration, now counting 1400 members, affiliated to 202 institutions distributed in 23 countries. While, the INFRA-DEV Horizon EU project for the preparatory phase of ET started on 1st September 2022, and substantial national funds are supporting site characterisation and enabling technologies R&D activities. Many topics and activities will therefore be addressed during the symposium, at this crucial stage of the project where work is underway to define the details of the detector configuration, electronic infrastructure and user services, qualify candidate sites and investigate how far ET will push the frontiers of science and knowledge.
In the context of the Symposium, on Tuesday 9 May from 11 am there will be the event “Einstein Telescope: the great European research infrastructure” dedicated in particular to the Italian candidacy. Speakers will include the Minister for Universities and Research Anna Maria Bernini, connected remotely, the Nobel Prize Laureate for Physics Giorgio Parisi, the President of the Region of Sardinia Christian Solinas, as well as representatives from political and scientific institutions, local, national and European.