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ET is a project that will revolutionise physics and astrophysics and, like all the large infrastructures, it will have a significant economic and social impact, alongside the scientific one, that will affect everyone. For this reason, aware that great science can only be an engine of social progress if it fits harmoniously into society, Biswajit Banerjee, Elena Codazzo, Ulyana Dupletsa, Samanta Macera, Alessio Mei, Riccardo Murgia, Gor Oganesyan and Jacopo Tissino, young researchers from the Gran Sasso Science Institute, have promoted the initiative SCIèNTZIAINBIDDA, during the 13th symposium of the ET Scientific Collaboration, which will be held in Cagliari from 8 to 12 May with over 300 international participants. An opportunity to introduce foreign researchers to the area where the disused mine of Sos Enattos, a candidate site to host ET, is located, and to inform and engage local citizens in the scientific project, in the spirit of sustainable and inclusive science. The initiative proposes hikes and guided tours to discover the nature and the archaeological and cultural heritage of the area between the municipalities of Bitti, Lula and Onanì, and a public event, with free admission, on Saturday 13 May starting at 5 pm, at the Cantina Poderi Jerzu for a wine tasting in conversation with scientists, between gravitational waves and explorations of the universe.
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