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From 26 October to 5 November the Genoa Science Festival comes back, with a rich program. The Einstein Telescope project will be the focus of a conference/show scheduled for Wednesday 1 November, at 9pm, in the Sala del Maggior Consiglio in the Palazzo Ducale. The director of EGO (European Gravitational Observatory) Massimo Carpinelli, the writer Marcello Fois and the actress Diana Höbel will participate in the meeting, entitled “The future under the mountain”. The event will be moderated by astrophysicist and science communicator Edwige Pezzulli.

Information for participation and booking are available at this link.



The telescope in the mine and Sardinia

Sardinia could be chosen in the near future to host the Einstein Telescope, ET, the largest underground gravitational wave antenna ever built, to explore the cosmos up to capture the gravitational echo of the Big Bang. Indeed, the same geological and geographical characteristics that have influenced the history and culture of Sardinia make it today an ideal site to protect the telescope from environmental and human ‘noises’, due to the very low seismicity and sparse human presence. This is an extraordinary scientific challenge that responds to our ancestral desire to investigate the universe around us, but not only. ET will bring the culture of the mine into contact with the most advanced technological professions, the traditions of the Sardinian territory with the international reality of a large research centre. Worlds that are apparently very distant, but which can dialogue and enrich each other, creating a model of social and economic development.


From the left: Sara Zambotti, Marcello Fois, Massimo Carpinelli, Diana Höbel.