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The Italian expertise in gravitational wave research and its role on the way to the Einstein Telescope will be the focus of the event “Frontiers of Gravitational Wave Research: Italian Expertise for the Einstein Telescope”, scheduled for Thursday, November 9 at 6:30 p.m. at the Embassy of Italy in Berlin, as part of Berlin Science Week.


Marco Pallavicini (INFN Vice-President): Institutional greetings

Filippo Zerbi (INAF Scientific director): Institutional greetings

Alessandro Nagar (INFN): Scientific case – General relativity and fundamental physics

Michela Mapelli (University of Heidelberg, Gran Sasso Science Institute): Scientific case – Cosmology and astrophysics

Michele Punturo (INFN, spokeperson ET collaboration): The design of the Einstein Telescope

Mauro Morandin (INFN): Italy-Germany industrial collaborations

Alessandro Cardini (INFN): The Sardinian site


Pictures (credits: Embassy of Italy in Berlin)