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From May 6th to 10th, the fourteenth edition of the Einstein Telescope Symposium will take place in Maastricht, Netherlands. This annual event has become a traditional meeting, bringing together researchers from the scientific collaboration, along with several other stakeholders directly involved in the project, to discuss and exchange ideas on the developments of the future experiment.

The program includes a lot of thematic and plenary sessions dedicated to various scientific, socio-economic, and managing aspects involving the design of the third-generation gravitational wave observatory. Current studies on the geological characterization of the Sos Enattos site, in Sardinia, which is a candidate to host the experiment, will also be discussed in some sessions included in the program. Moreover, there will be opportunities for discussion and updates about the experiment’s configuration, which could consist of either a single triangular-shaped detector or two L-shaped observatories built in two separate sites.

Last year’s edition of the Symposium was held in Cagliari, at the T-Hotel, from May 8th to 12th, 2023. During the conference, the same venue also hosted an event on May 9th to present the Italian candidacy.

Credits featured image: Max van den Oetelaar/Unsplash