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Source: Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR), 21/05/24

The Minister of Universities and Research, Anna Maria Bernini, held a virtual meeting with the newly established President of the Sardinia Region, Alessandra Todde. During their conversation, Minister Bernini outlined the developments regarding the Italian candidacy to host the EU infrastructure Einstein Telescope. The Minister emphasized that this major research project for the study of gravitational waves is an absolute priority for the Italian Government, which has already committed significant financial resources for its realization. The proposed construction site is Lula, in the province of Nuoro.

“The former Sos Enattos mine is the best site to host the Einstein Telescope, thereby strengthening our country’s leadership in the international scientific landscape and in the study of gravitational waves. Sardinia is at the forefront of this extraordinary journey, driving development, innovation, and progress. This meeting demonstrates how the Government and the Region are strongly committed to turning this project from a dream into reality”, said Minister Bernini.

“Today’s meeting with Minister Bernini to discuss the Einstein Telescope project was a crucial and important opportunity to reaffirm the project’s strategic significance and the strong synergy between the Sardinia Region and the Ministry of Universities and Research”, stated the President of the Sardinia Region, Alessandra Todde. “This is the first in a series of necessary meetings to continue working on the realization of this transformative initiative in the Nuoro area, which would position Sardinia as the world’s leading research center on gravitational waves. When we talk about the Einstein Telescope, we are not discussing about a distant future, but about a present in which it is already necessary to be fully operational. The Region and the Government are working to ensure that this project is realized in Sardinia, as it is central not only for our Region but for the entire national territory”, concluded Todde.


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