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Italy’s bid to host the Einstein Telescope will be the focus of the meeting “Big technology for a great future – Einstein Telescope and Open Access for Sardina in the 21st Century ” scheduled for Saturday, November 4 at 4 p.m. at the Su Gologone Hotel in Oliena (Nuoro).

The meeting, part of the event “Magie d’inverno” and presented by journalist Alessandro Cecchi Paone, will include institutional greetings (remotely) by Anna Maria Bernini (Italian minister for Universities and Research) and Marco Pallavicini (vice-president of INFN), with speeches in-person of Alessandro Cardini (director of INFN Cagliari), Giorgio Mulé (vice-president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies), Giancarlo Dionisi (prefect of Nuoro) and Riccardo Burrai (co-founder of the Open Access association).