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The Ministry for Universities and Research (MUR) has established an interinstitutional table in support of the Italian bid to host Einstein Telescope. The goal of the committee, composed of representatives from several ministries and institutional stakeholders involved in the project, is to address, coordinate and monitor activities related to the Italian candidacy for ET, as well as to ensure appropriate information and collaboration among all institutions involved.

In particular, the table includes designated representatives from the following institutions: Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, Autonomous Region of Sardinia, National Institute of Nuclear Physics and National Institute of Astrophysics.

On the last Friday, January 26th the kick-off meeting of the table was held. During the meeting, the project was presented, the actions already put in place by MUR and government to strengthen the Italian candidacy were outlined, and the next steps were explained.