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On Friday, May 17th at 6:00 PM, at the Planetarium of the newspaper “L’Unione Sarda”, the opening event of a permanent installation dedicated to the concept of space-time and gravitational waves will take place. The installation, conceived and realized by INFN and already presented in several exhibitions and events in Italy and abroad in recent years, offers visitors an immersive and interactive experience, where the presence and movements of people have the effect to modify and curve the virtual shape of the walls of a room (just as massive celestial bodies deform the space-time structure).

The event will be divided into three parts. The first, moderated by journalist Stefano Birocchi, will focus mainly on the Einstein Telescope project and the candidacy of the Sos Enattos site to host it, with talks by Marica Branchesi (GSSI), Domenico D’Urso (University of Sassari, ET Italy responsible), Alessandro Cardini (INFN Cagliari director), Alberto Masoni (INFN Cagliari), Manuel Floris (scientific director of the Planetarium ), and Sergio Zuncheddu (publisher of L’Unione Sarda group).

Following that, the space dedicated to the space-time installation will be presented. Finally, the video “The Universe of Interstellar”, curated by Manuel Floris, will be screened.

To register to the event, follow this link.



Credits featured image: Maurizio Perciballi